SM&RT – a Project for Those Who Love Music

Less than a month before the SM&RT festival, there is no time for resting during the Easter holidays. Me and my family have lots of work to do. This is the first festival in my “career” as an organizer and we can’t complain from a lack of drama. Turns out that planning an year ahead is pointless in Bulgaria as most people don’t work this way and tend to change their promises in the last minute.

Thanks to my wonderful friends – performers from all parts of the world, the patient team around me and all those who believe in the idea and support it, the festival will take place after all. Perhaps not as grandiose as we intended it in the beginning but stil a major event for this country.

Find out more about SM&RT at We will have printed posters and postcards next week, and the one after – catalogues. If you are willing to place a poster on your store’s window or take some cards to your office, we will deliver them to you. Your help is priceless. Happy holidays!


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