Almost 50% of financing done and first Patrons

I would like to extend my deep gratitude to all of you who believed in the BREVITAS CD and supported it through a pre-order. Currently, almost 50% of the financing is achieved! I’m profoundly touched by your kind words and encouraging attitude which convince me time and again about the meaningfulness and value of this project.

I’m especially thankful to the first Patrons who took part in the BREVITAS CD, namely:

Mrs. Ilina Ilinova
Mr. Philip Greening
Mrs. Jasmina Stalder
Ms. Antoniya Yordanova
Mr. Vesko Stambolov
Mr. Marc Bonnemoy
Mr. Konstantin Vlasev
Mrs. Marussia Neynska
Mrs. Nadejda Todorova
Ibiza International Piano Competition
Mr. Todor Anastassov
Mr. Stanimir Stoyanov
Ars Sofia Bookshop
Mrs. and Mr. Marina & Jean-Marie François

The CD producer’s flexibility allows us to extend the deadline for those of you who are willing to support the disc as Patrons. Your name will be included in the BREVITAS CD booklet when ordering the Patron package before May 25th, 2017.

Order here.

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